Designing Friendly Products to Boost YOUR Business

Figma Wireframes, UX/UI mockups, and interactive prototypes for websites, tools and apps that solve YOUR customers' needs.

10 years of UX/UI and 3 growing businesses

Hey, I'm Raluca!

... a huge fan of design and technology! When I'm not designing from my office in Bucharest, I'm traveling the world, play tennis or enjoy my piano.

I'm a stress-free workaholic, with a low tolerance chaos  and a passion for business.

So, in 2012 I started my own UX Design boutique, in 2014 I was co-founder and design lead to an innovative product in the automotive industry; in 2018, I designed a productivity planner and got 6000+ clients organized since; and starting 2022 together with my husband we're bringing "design bathrooms" to busy people.

Holy-here-is-my-story, Batman...

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