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12 Years of Experience

I Spent 49,760€ On Testing Tools, Making Mistakes And Lessons Learned

Unfortunately lots of my clients experienced this too, before they reached for help.

– I Work Fast & Organized

You’ll receive full guidance on the next steps and how to provide feedback. Most of my clients are comfortable with my workflow.

– I Take Urgent Tasks

…when needed, just don’t make it a habit. It’s not super healthy to always “NEED-IT-DONE-NOW”.

– I Focus To Deliver In Time

…even if that means working over the evening. Your timely feedback will boost the chances to ship it.

– I Love To Work For Results Too!

So I’ll always think 3 steps ahead before suggesting you a solution. Please trust the process and don’t keep changing our plan because you don’t see the results straight away. 🙂

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