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Raluca had to fix what another designer messed up. We should have hired her first and will certainly hire her again for upcoming projects. Specifically, she outlined her process, asked great questions, was sensitive to our quick turn-around deadline and to top it all off - the design was awesome. She was our first choice and we should have gone with our instincts and hired her to begin with!

Nikki B. - Coach, trainer, and speaker, US


This will sound crazy, but believe me, I appreciate this quality so much!.... .. I love working with someone so INTELLIGENT!! Thank you Raluca!

Niamh K. - Transformational Coach, Switzerland


Engine driver, heart of a business, friendly, ask lots of questions, great listening skills, good empathy, meet others in their hearts.
Raluca can lead projects effortlessly!

Rachel J. - Transformational Coach, UK


Raluca is incredible to work with and has played an integral part in creating a style and brand around everything that I do. She is creative, efficient and open-minded. She has made building a brand with design and color a wonderful experience!

Dr. Mariza S. - Amazon best-selling author, Wellness Advocate, US


I simply can not say enough about Raluca. She created impeccable booklets for us. She is quite the professional and has an eye for detail, yet it felt as if I were collaborating with a friend. I hope to work with her again soon.

Susannah S. - US

I have worked with Raluca on multiple projects. She always comes up with designs that are fresh and new, while reflecting our brand identity. Will continue to work with her!

Alex D. - Entrepeneur & Digital Marketing Professional, US

I found Raluca and her company after some online research, and was easily convinced by her portfolio. Being from the UK I was looking for quality work that would complement my own. Raluca has excelled at understanding my briefs and producing great website design ideas that I have been able to follow when coding. Since we created Review The Market we have been teaming up on various web projects to create some great websites with User experience (UX) at their hearts.

Stephen W. - Programmer, UK

Raluca does a perfect job. I rarely give 5 stars but in this case it’s absolutely necessary. Thanks Raluca.

Matt S. - US

Raluca and her team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is more than accommodating to ever changing deadlines, constantly changing requirements, and is great with quick turnaround graphics. We have used Raluca for numerous United States Federal Government Proposals, Requests for Information, and Government Presentations. Raluca and her team are great at interpreting and understanding various graphic support needs and requirements and are always able to develop great compliant graphics, even if directions and desires are on the abstract side. Raluca has always been able to meet deadlines regardless of time and the quality of her work is top tier. For example, I have been able to give basic overviews of program proposals and Raluca has come back with cover art options. Her professionalism, understanding, and great work ethic make her and her team our go to for any graphics needed. It is always a pleasure working with Raluca because I know I can rest easy in knowing the graphics will be of the best quality and hit all the points asked based off of our needs and requirements.

Ryan D. - US

Excellent work done on a tight deadline! Above and beyond expectations.

Michael M. - US

Raluca is a fantastic professional, so very helpful and patient. Raluca’s work is amazing and I wouldn’t use anyone else in the future. Do not hesitate to work with Raluca, you will be very very pleased with her work.

Lisa E. - Australia

Excellent, professional and perfectly executed. I couldn’t be happier! My highest praise.

Danielle O. - US

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