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Designing a webpage is nerve-wracking.  Designing a trustworthy online presence is confusing.  Designing with no strategy turns out to be expensive and never-ending! ...and watching results dropping feels like quitting.  Don't give up >>> Ask for a FREE project review.

or, book Raluca to get design done

10 years of UX/UI and 3 growing businesses

Hey, I'm Raluca!

... a huge fan of design and technology! When I'm not designing from my office in Bucharest, I'm traveling the world, play tennis or enjoy my piano.

I'm a stress-free workaholic, with a low tolerance chaos  and a passion for business.

So, in 2014 I was co-founder and design lead to an inovative product in the automotive industry; in 2018, I designed a productivity planner and got 6000+ clients organized since; and starting 2022 together with my husband we're bringing "design bathrooms" to busy people.

Holy-here-is-my-story, Batman...


I spent 47,960€ + 5,670 hours

on Tools, tests, mistakes and lessons learned

(In the last 10 years)

Unfortunately lots of my clients experienced this too, before they reached for help.

Raluca had to fix what another designer messed up. We should have hired her first and will certainly hire her again for upcoming projects. Specifically, she outlined her process, asked great questions, was sensitive to our quick turn-around deadline and to top it all off - the design was awesome. She was our first choice and we should have gone with our instincts and hired her to begin with!

Nikki B. - US - Coach, trainer, and speaker

If you're working on a new project or, you need to fix an existing design, let's talk.


or, book Raluca for a design job

Take good care of your brand

Let's design your idea, or fix broken designs. Get Full Business Care: Logo & Brand, UX/UI Design, WordPress Websites, Business Presentations, Brochures, and Consulting.

Branding Design &
visual identity

[ for startups and agencies ]

starts at 997€ / project
(for at least 2 deliverables)

  • Logo Design & Brand Identity
  • Brand guidelines & manuals
  • Social media templates design
  • Brochures, manuals & flyers
  • Business card & stationery
  • Powerpoint decks (for investors)
  • Brand audit report

UI/UX mockups, PSD layouts &

[ for websites and apps ]

starts at 497€ / project
(for at least 3 mockups)

  • Basic & high fidelity wireframes for structure outline
  • Interactive prototypes for tests & presentations
  • Pixel-perfect mockups for development phase
  • Website audit report & recommendations

Webpages, e-Commerce & Marketing funnels
[ For new products and Services ]

starts at 1497€ / setup
(ADD-ON: SEO friendly copy that converts)

  • Wordpress websites (including e-commerce)
  • Squarespace webpages & e-Commerce setup
  • Shopify basic online stores
  • ADD-ON: friendly copy that converts (includes website's conversion strategy + SEO strategy)

or, start with a FREE project review

Few things to know...

(1) I work fast and organized

You'll receive full guidance on the next steps and how to provide feedback.

(2) I take urgent tasks

...when needed, just don't make it a habit. It's not healthy to always "NEED-IT-DONE-NOW" 🙂 

(3) I do my best to deliver in time (or earlier)

...even if that means working over the evening. Your timely feedback will boost the chances to ship it.

(4) I love to work for results too!

So I'll always think 3 steps ahead before suggesting you a solution. Please trust the process and don't keep changing our plan because you don't see the results straight away. 🙂


Raluca is incredible to work with and has played an integral part in creating a style and brand around everything that I do. She has made building a brand with design and color a wonderful experience!

Dr. Mariza S. - Amazon best-selling author, Wellness Advocate, US


I simply can not say enough about Raluca. She is quite the professional and has an eye for detail, yet it felt as if I were collaborating with a friend.

Susannah S. - US

Holy-why-am-I-doing-all-this, Batman?

Because I know how sweaty it is to grow and run a business...

Here's my story...

Back in 2011, I quit my job as an architect to get more "me" time and do something else. I started taking small design projects, and I loved it!

And like all entrepreneurs, I had my struggles and tons of questions to answer to.

How do I find on-going work?
How do I show off my portfolio?
How can I build a trustable brand (ask me about it :p)?
How can I write convincing messages to win projects?
Who can design my website?
then... How can I fix my website?
How does accounting works?
What are all these VAT errors?

...and of course, I had my part of limited beliefs:

I don't know enough to raise my prices!
The project is not perfect enough to go public!
How would I know how to build a car? (Guess what..I did design a car!)

So I took it step by step. Did mistakes, and learned good lessons. Found way to build better projects every single day. And now, here I am... sharing it all. And in a year from now I will be even better 🙂


This will sound crazy, but believe me, I appreciate this quality so much! I love working with someone so INTELLIGENT!! Thank you Raluca!

Niamh K. - Switzerland - Transformational Coach

By now you must have A few questions...

see my answers

No, you don't! I encourage you to read the "No mistakes" guideline to learn more about it. If you need help in finding you niche, and start selling, let's talk.
Hmm.. it depends. If it's your first business, it'll change in the first 6-18 months. So start with something basic, and adjust it on the go. Spending tons of $$$ (and not to mention time!) on complex websites that'll need fixing few months later ... doesn't feel good. If you want a simple, DIY (and reliable!) solution to start with, check into Squarespace websites. And there's also WordPress, but it's less friendly for beginners... And I am serious when I say "less friendly".

Don't sweet on it, if you don't have a copywriter. I will hire and guide a copywriter myself so you can enjoy a struggle-free project delivery.

Let me analyze your project in depth and suggest you the best way to do it.
If I find that a Squarespace website is best for you, I can take care of it. No programmer needed. If I discover that a WordPress website is best for you, I can do it too. No programmer needed.
For complex needs (that I can't build in WordPress), you'll need a programmer. I'll do the design, and communicate with that programmer until the project's completion. Reach out to talk about it.

Yeeees! You do! I can build you the best website, but with no SEO strategy in place you will not see much results. That's why, before creating the website's copy, we'll create a simple SEO strategy to follow. No worries, you'll get full guidance on it.

Do I need PAID ADS for my website to get seen?
Sorry! I'm NOT a big fan of Google paid ads or Facebook ads. So I don't do this. But, if these are particularly important to you, I'll work with an online ads expert. Before I do that, let's first optimize the website to receive organic traffic, OK?

Make time to get involved. We'll outline a plan to get more traffic on the website using simple solutions. I'll take care of parts of that plan, like creating an optimized website. You'll have to work on, creating more valuable content, reaching out to people and more. No worries, I'll guide you. Your only worry should be making time for it.

Start with one, or none at all. Once your business has a few clients, you can start with creating a social profile on the channel that fits best. Ask your clients to leave comments, and feedback. Then focus on growing this channel for the next 6-12 months. I encourage you to read the "No mistakes" guideline to learn more about it.

Hmm... let me first see the website dashboard before I tell you YES. I know how painful it is to change a designer in the middle of your project, so I will do my best to make the change smooth.

Absolutely! If you decided to use another designer, I'll make sure to enable a smooth transition. 

I do however care a lot for ALL my clients. So before you reach out, please see HOW I WORK and making sure we're a good fit:

  • I design user-friendly WordPress websites - I work with a great hosting provider, a simple WordPress theme and one super-friendly page builder. Your new designer will care to know these details, since (s)he might LOVE it or HATE it. (*this website is built the same way, btw.)
  • The branding package includes the logo in vector and various image formats that you can share with your new designer. As long as (s)he has Illustrator and Photoshop, all is great!
  • Flyers, business cards come in vector (Illustrator file) and image formats too. I'll also send you the fonts used, so your new designer will be ready to work on it in no time.
  • All e-books, manuals, guides are made in InDesign (best tool to use for this type of projects!) So you'll get a full package including: the original InDesign file, and .IML version, a PDF version, a folder with all used fonts and a folder with all used images.
  • Powerpoint Presentations come as... of course 🙂 Powerpoint. I'll make sure you have the fonts used, so your can edit it smoothly.

Let's get design done Well

Ask me to lead your design projects, or fix broken designs. Get Full Business Care: Logo & Brand, UX/UI Design, WordPress Websites, Business Presentations, Brochures, and Consulting.

Engine driver, heart of a business, friendly, ask lots of questions, great listening skills, good empathy, meet others in their hearts. Raluca can lead projects effortlessly!

Rachel J. - Transformational Coach, UK

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