Startup mistakes guide by Raluca Comanescu, Unfold Atelier
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Learn to avoid expensive startup mistakes when unfolding new ideas.

Discover   my clients' top 12 mistakes,  and learn how to avoid them with common sense and the right tools.

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    This will sound crazy, but believe me, I appreciate this quality so much!.... .. I love working with someone so INTELLIGENT!! Thank you Raluca!

    Niamh K. - Switzerland - Transformational Coach

    Find inside the Guideline:

    (1) deadly startup mistakes during launching ideas

    • Skipping critical steps and rushing into creating the brand and logo even before validating the idea
    • Going down the perfectionism rabbit hole
    • Going cheap on things that hold your business
    • Not paying attention to accounting best practices
    • Ignoring the customer
    • Making bad hiring decisions ...and more


    (2) paintful results

    • a weak business (or no business at all!)
    • tons of wasted time
    • and expenses that are going through the roof

    (3) ... and how to avoid these startup mistakes

    Find out what to do about each of these mistakes and the tools you can use to prototype ideas, build your webpage, host your email and design your business.

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    Raluca had to fix what another designer messed up. We should have hired her first and will certainly hire her again for upcoming projects. Specifically, she outlined her process, asked great questions, was sensitive to our quick turn-around deadline and to top it all off - the design was awesome. She was our first choice and we should have gone with our instincts and hired her to begin with!

    Nikki B. - US - Coach, trainer, and speaker

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