avoid currency conversion fee
[Step-by-step illustrated tutorial - Avoid currency conversion fee]

Send money with TransferWise

Avoid currency conversion fee (3.5%) charged by banks or PayPal for international payments.

Discover   the step-by-step tutorial  to pay international suppliers in other currency than yours.

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Are you Unfold Atelier's client? Avoid currency conversion fee...

...When paying from a NON-EURO currency

Both banks and Paypal take you an EXTRA currency conversion fees (around 3.5%) for every international transaction.

To prevent that you can pay UNFOLD SRL from a NON-EURO currency by wiring the money through Transferwise to the email address: raluca@unfoldatelier.com

About Transferwise

Transferwise.com is an online exchange with the best exchanging rates, backed by great investors including Richard Branson.

Read more about Transferwise here
Pay with Transferwise and avoid currency conversion fee:

Wire steps

1. Create your transferwise account
2. Login and click on Send money (Activity tab)
3. In the "Recipient gets" field add amount in EUR
This is the exact amount Unfold Atelier will receive

4. In the "You send" field choose your currency
See live how much you will actually pay

5. Click continue and choose New Recipient
"Business or charity"

6. Add Unfold SRL business details

  • Email field: raluca@unfoldatelier.com
  • Name of business: UNFOLD SRL
  • Uncheck "I know their bank details"

5. Then Review and Confirm the transfer's details
Use the "Reference" field to add a note

5. Choose the payment method and Pay
Debit card is the fastest way

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